Casey Elaine Art

Rachel's daughter Casey shares many of her mother's interests and talents. This is her gallery.

Color Theory: Geometry, 20x20" Acrylic on Canvas 2018

Octopus Stripes, Fabric Textile 2018

Elegant Octopus, Fabric textile, 2018

Value Still Life, charcoal, 2017

Dots, pen and ink, 2017

Self Portrait with Mr. Meow Meow, 11x8.5 inch graphite pencil on paper, 2016

Every Child is an Artist, 7x9 inch pen and graphite pencil on paper, September 2, 2016

Mountain Study #3, 12x16 inch Oil on Canvas, 2016

Planning out some paintings

Every Face is My Own, Acrylic on Canvas, 2016

Ella's Cat, Watercolor Illustration, 2015

Twiggy, Pencil on Toned Paper, 2015

Illustrated this poem in memory of my cousin Jane. (Poem Author Unkown) 2015

Digital Art, 2014

Watching People from a bench, 2015